Tuesday, March 30, 2010

update-second sv meeting

arrive uni - 9.05am
left - 4.40pm

have appointment with anthony today at 9.30am. for me today, its the earliest time i arrived at uni. most of the time around 10.30 am, is the earliest.
but because of my dear dear second sv i' ll do anythingg...ewaah..

9.30am sharp: i stood infront his office, but the office still close and dark. as always, there was a note saying "be back at 9.40"...nice..

met Jean, chinese girl, also his student, happen to be his student from last sem, taking MSc by coursework, but RMIT allowed their PG coursework student to take a semester doing research to replaced at least 4 subjects..so Jean choosed to do research this sem.

9.42am : anthony arrived at the office, looking at us and said" i have been triple booked today.." me and Jean like looking at each other and i just couldn't get it, but then another student arrived, " Hi Anthony..." yaaa, now i understand, 3 students at the same time..

but as Anthony said, it is alright, because we went to the meeting actually for the same purpose, to learn how to use the 4-probe, rf sputtering,bla bla..all at the micro machine lab..so we went there together like a happy family..heheh

so far so good for me, and i am fortunate because Jean is willing to be partner with me whenever we want to use the lab..there are several rules while using this lab and the cleanroom, one of those is , each student need to get partner, or member whenever they want to enter/using the lab, its one of the precaution procedures, thus, if anything happens, we have someone as a back up..to help us, to call some one, to seek for security, etc..

anyway, my office PC is not working today, the IT person said, somekind of hardisk corruption and will come again tomorrow to repair it..small matter, because here, all students have access to a special server called H:Drive..and all students are encourage to always save their works on this drive..

what so special about this drive is that:

if something happen to your PC (like mine) you can always use other PC, which is not use by other students, "on vacancy"(have some in my office, no student using it, not entitled to anyone, & belongs to the students who already completed their studies and they are not coming to uni anymore)...

you can always access the same work by using the H:Drive by login using your student ID and your password...no need to always transfer your work to thumbdrive or CD as back up..

and you can also access the H:Drive from home, using internet, and via RMIT website...

so i used Noura's PC today...no problem at all, but still, i love to do my work at my own work station..so hopefully by tomorrow, the IT person can settle it and my PC will be okay..InsyaALlah.

ehemm..english again...well what to do..the 'environment influence" is VERY STRONGG..ihiks..cheers

Friday, March 26, 2010

phd update- attitude

arrive at uni - 10 am

10.25 - went to my 2nd SV's room - need to introduce myself to him, Dr Anthony, since we haven't meet yet although prof Mike already told him about me. he's not in, but left a note at the door " I will be here at 11am, sorry for any inconvenient", for me this is good, so people will not keep wondering when you will be in...so i decided to go to level 9, check out about the 4-probe equipment, whether i can find someone who i can get help with that.

10.30 -arrive at level 9, met another PG fellows, one is my officemate, chinese guy, Jerry and another one is Iran lady, use to be at Sensor Lab. Fortunately, they are running measurement using the same equipment, only that they didnot use 4-probe, i followed them to get into the lab (which i don't have a legal access to it yet)..this lady's face changed, what i could describe from that face sign, its like saying to me in silence..'you are not welcome here'... quickly and softly i told them.."no don't worry, i don't want to use the equipment today, just want to know where the location of it"..then her face lighten a bit and she just continue her work and pretending like i am not there....

well frankly speaking, i kind of used to that kind of treatment from people, it is not bothering me at all, mentally, psychologically and emotionally..and Jerry nicely told to me that i need to book the equipment, need to meet Dr Anthony who is the person incharge of the equip, bla bla bla....

no problem at all, i said..and
before i leave them, i rised my voice a bit (in purpose to confirm that the iran lady will listen to what i wanna say, heheh), " Ow, thank you Jerry, well dr Anthony is my second SV, so i am sure he will help me with this.."then I chow.....no offence :) cheers

talking about experience on this:-

When you are in the new lab that you need to do measurements, have no idea at all who will you meet, which equipment to use, what precaution to take, where to find materials, etc...
you need to find someone who willing to show you all of these stuffs, but most likely, what you will be facing is that when you enter the lab that is new to you, everybody are so busy with their work, not even lift their head for a while to notice who's coming in...and you will be wondering where to start, what to say, who you want to talk to..

but when their mates (friends) or some other persons who i assume will give them some benefits on their work come in, wow, you can obviously see the differences, how those persons changing drastically from that serious-don't-disturb'me attitude to like a 'marketing people' who beg you to buy their products.. with all the smilings, the laughs, the " how r you today" greetings, blehhh...

there are some malaysian students also using the same lab, and i am sure i can get much help from them InsyaAllah, eventhough they are rarely using it for now, maybe the measurements stage were completed, i don't know but i hope maybe i can 'beg' them to help me...so i need to learn how to 'beg' in professional manner, heh

yaa, i need to consider their freetime, busy-ness, etc as well, cannot just simply, because you are also malaysian, i am older than you, so come and spend sometimes and teach me about this...no no no..i still need to respect their time, their privacy, their busy-ness, etc..

if they could not help me, then i need to 'push' myself to 'beg' other non-malaysian PG to help me, and most probably i will facing the same treatment from them...

well that is one of the listless big challenges of learning phd ABROAD!!..if i am doing it in my own country, to make it more 'sweet', doing it in the university that i used to be working in..haaahh, it will be like in heaven ..but still you will facing other major, bigg challenges ..no doubt about that...

thats why i guess, in one of the other concrete reasons, people will give you more respect, more honour if you are phd holder, because the challenges, difficulties, struggles to achieve it are un-describable, un-explainable, in words. and only the person who experienced it will know....

actually, when i decided to pursue my phd abroad, this is the first thing i set my mind and emotion to be VERY strong on, 'PEOPLE ATTITUDE'...

because when dealing with people we are like dealing with another system., we don't know the limitation of 'kindness', of 'cruelness', of 'careness' of them.....

other than that, about how i spend my time doing my research, how i manage my time, work, family, etc..it is all on me..ONLY ME....

by the way, to continue the updates for today, i went to Dr Anthony's office again around 11am.

11am - i met Dr Anthony, very nice guy, set another appointment with him for next week, on tuesday, 9.30am, since he already expecting another student meeting at that time...

hemm.. well, why i am writing in english today, i really don't know, but probably, because of the environment influences, hehe..

and yes, there might be grammar mistakes here and there i guess, but why should i be bother, i am not born with english on my tongue!, LOL,..what people use to call it?.. english is not my mother tongue..:P

i am malaysian who always proud to be MUSLIM- MALAYSIAN..speaking english is just a way to ease you in communication here, as long as you can tell what you want to tell and the person you are talking to, understand what you are saying..that's enough..REALLY.. ITS ENOUGH..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


sampai uni - 10.30am
balik - 4.15pm lepas kelas tutorial..

ow ye tak cerita pun hal kelas tutorial kelas ni..Alhamdulillah start sem awal mac hari tu dapat offer jadi casual tutor untuk Physics 1 course bagi engineering students..

aku try email coordinator fizik last year lepas settle down everything, sebab kawan ofismate ni kata, memang standard student postgrad sini tutoring, like normal thing, kekadang SV yg suruh utk tolong diorang, tapi SV aku takda pun suruh..

kenapa aku decide nak apply ajar fizik? sebab aku takleh lari dari fizik, heheh...rasa cam sayang basic knowledge yg 'very stroongg' inih disia siakan begitu sahaja...(cewahh...)

so kelas nya setiap rabu , 12.30 to 4.30, dua sesi, 2 hrs per session , aku dapat 4 hrs tutoring..bayarannya tak banyak, seriously, banding dengan member ofismate aku dapat bila tutoring kat school engin, aku ni cam servicing kat applied sciences school..see ada juga haa applied sciences school kat sini...

rabu memang hari balik awal, bila habis tutoring je aku cabut ke melbourne central catch 4.45pm train...

anyway, ada gak kerja study yang aku buat tadi, cari cari balik MATLAB curve fitting work yg mungkin ada kat dalam mana2 3 thumbdrive yg ada dgn aku sekarang........hampehh, takada..alamak..kena fikirkan plan B, C, D, etc...

Plan B: email kenkawan kat B212, FSG, mintak tolong godekkan ex-PC kat ofis, sebab masa buat master dulu, buat curvefitting guna PC ofis tu..harap harap ada...DONE

Plan C: kalau Plan B tak jadi, kena try email Gie tanyakan tesis Dr Suganthi yg ada equation utk MATLAB curve fitting tu..

Plan D: kalau dua dua tak jadi, kena try sendiri develop balik equation tu dan masukkan dalam toolbox MATLAB ni..

Plan E: doa harap harap tak sampaila ke Plan E..


credit to: Kak Tini, thanks tolong usahakan godek PC kat ofis tu yee...kalau dapat ALhamdulillah, tak dapat nak buat camne...

tawakkal dan doa..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


tadi sampai uni - 10.15am,
nak balik - 5.50pm - lepas update studi ku hari ni..

so alkisah optical spectrum tadi di sambung...

balik bilik lepas jumpa SV termenung jap...why why why ??? cehh

lepas tu barula nampak kat atas meja, hek elehh, aku salah bawak graf yg tak jadi rupanya..patutla..ish ish ish..tepuk dahi je la..

anyway, aku buat balik spectrum semua measurement sampel yg aku ada tu dan nanti nak tunjuk lagi sekali kat SV..kali ni have to be confident..yeye

lagi apa aaaa..ow ye, jumpa Rick student yg buat solar cell juga, dia ajak jumpa sebab nak minta tolong aku dapatkan sampel dari CSIRO...

emm first time jumpa dia ni serious gilerr..takut aku, ow time kau nak minta tolong pandai pulak kau senyum yee..ngehh ngeh..takpe..biasala tu, nanti aku pun kena minta tolong dgn dia juga..

Rick ni bukan org putih, chinese tapi speaking pehh..slang ngalah ausie..aku faham tak faham ..

dan juga akhir sekali sebelum bukak blog entry ni aku try main main balik dengan MATLAB, sebab tadi SV aku dah sound suruh try buat MATLAB dgn data aku ni..

mula PSPICE, now MATLAB...LEPAS NI APA...???....tawakkal je laa..

dah nak balik, nak catch train pukul 6.05pm, sebelum tu singgah COLES beli roti....

phd update

tadi dalam pukul 11.20am jumpa SV , ingatnya cuma nak tanya okay ke tak apa yg aku isi dalam Risk Assessment Form tu..tapi ..standard la kan (recently banyak pulak guna ayat ni) Prof Mike ni bukan suka tengok saja saja ..mesti go thru juga..bla bla bla..tapi okayla, dia setuju dengan apa yg aku buat..
ni sebenarnya susulan dari kursus induksi makmal micro-machine & cleanroom yang aku hadiri last week.
form ni sebenarnya senaraikan semua bencana bencana, " hazardouss"(waahh..bahasa) yg mungkin di hadapi bila berada di makmal yg mempunyai peralatan yg besar "tertanam"(plant-on) dan menggunakan tekanan yg tinggi, gas gas yg beracun, kuasa elektrik yg besar, etc..so aku kena decide apa bencana yg mungkin aku akan hadapi ( Nauzubillah..) bila aku nak guna peralatan di makmal ni, apa langkah pencegahan yg aku perlu ambil, tindakan kecemasan yg aku boleh buat dan sbgnya..

so settle bab form ni..next step adalah aku kena scan dan emailkan pada technician lab ni untuk review dan diluluskan sebelum aku dapat kad access untuk masuk lab ni in future nanti..

next..ingatkan SV tak tanya, rupa rupanya..
"So Zu how's the optical measurement going..got any good results, spectrum or anything..."

aku dah agak dah, dan dah prepare nak tunjuk graf dan calculation yg aku buat, tapi cam biasala ..memang bukan itu yg dia nak tengok..bila tengok spectrum je, macam macam benda dia tanya, justss dengan tengok spectrum yg one page tu..yg aku duduk mengira sehariannn semalam, berrr mukasurat ni langsunggg dia tak pandang..adusss..

- these peaks location is not right, should be at this range not that range, what happen ..?


- do you relate this with the thickness equation, what is the relations of this lambdar range and the t ?

teeekkk..._blank_ ...lagi

- the T percentage shouldn't exceed this level, aren't they ? pastu senyum senyum kambing kat aku....what do you think ?? hai angkat angkat kening pulak..

hemmm..teekkk.._blank_..lagi dan lagi dan lagi..

so, aku pun mula la "goreng' kat dia balik apa yg aku tau..tapi memang kena admit la, aku salah , sebab tak perasan spectrumnya tak betul, shape cantikk tapi range tak betul..

well, habis aku punya credibility, konon biasa buat optical measurement, biasa buat optical calculation, biasa buat tuu..biasa buat nii..

aku rasa apa yg dia nampak aku sekarang ni..macam...totally a loser!! a beginner, tak tau hape hape, tapi buat buat muka confident-tapi dalam hati duduk membebel..rasa cam tau tapi apa ye...

kesimpulannya..aku ni tak tau apa-apa..ehh melampau la..habis yg aku duduk mengadap hari hari tu apa..time master dulu buat benda ni juga..tapi buat apa sebenarnya??..aku pun tak leh nak explain kat orang lain..


aku tak cukup faham apa yang aku rasa aku tau/faham..

jadi banyak benda la aku kena review mulai hari ni...even yg rasa tau pun sebenarnya tak cukup tau, dan mungkin aku juga ada penyakit tak tau apa yg aku tak tau..alamak..aku rasa ni penyakit paling bahaya untuk seorang student ..macamana ni..panik panik,

kena makan cokelat la kalau macam ni..(aik apakah kaitannyaa....ENTAH..

however..cheers still and always!!..:P

Monday, March 22, 2010

tips menjaga anak-anak yang aktif

anak anak aku sofiya, sofina dan muhammad..ya dua perempuan dan seorang lelaki.

banyak dialog yang biasa aku dengar:-

" oohh anak kau tak buas (aktif) pun, ye..baik je..kalau anak aku laa..ish tak boleh duduk diam diam macam ni.."

" anak kau perempuan dua, okaylah, yg adiknya pun ikut je duduk diam2...anak aku ni semua lelaki, takdanya nak duduk macam ni, tula aku malas nak bawak ke mana mana..."

" senyap je anak kau...anak aku kalau ada ni tak boleh la aku sembang sembang macam ni.."

dan banyak lagi...respond aku, senyum je, dan angguk angguk, dalam hati kata.."emm yelaa"...

dari satu segi, Alhamdulillah, semua macam memuji anak aku, tak bising, tak buas (aktif), dengar cakap, dll ...

tapi hakikatnya, dah nama budak, perempuan ke lelaki ke, aku rasa sama je..cuma macam anak aku, suka observe dulu, bila mereka rasa selesa dan selamat dengan sesuatu tempat, persekitaran atau orang tertentu, barula mereka keluarkan attittude sebenar mereka yang bagi aku..hemmm standardnya:-

- ni kat City , beberapa bulan lepas, bukan gi shopping pun, jalan2 je..dan inila mereka yg sebenar

tempat tu jadi "playground" mereka, tak kirala di mana, bank ke, pejabat pos ke, kedai makan ke, shopping mall, di mana mana saja....asalkan mereka selesa dan rasa selamat..lagi lagi kalau abah atau mamanya ada berdekatan...memang high pitch, tahap maksima pecah semua tingkap kaca ...
ni kat kedai Timberland di DFO, dua hari lepas.....mereka main main kat dalam fitting room...

(perhatikan gambar yg blurr, kerana pergerakan mereka yg ..sungguh ..'buas'..(aktif))

memang banyak mata yg memandang, dan jenuh juga mulut asyik memanggil manggil dan memberi warning, tapi bila mereka dah seronok, apa lagi yg mampu seorang ibu buat, selain dari memerhati dan merasa tumpang seronok melihat kegembiraan mereka.....

tapi memang aku surrender..tak akan sekali kali, kalau boleh saja saja bawak mereka ni ke hospital...sebab aku tahu kadar keriuhan yg mereka ini mampu buat...dan di hospital ???

melampau la...kenala hormat sikit kat orang sakit..:)

bagi aku, kalau mereka monyok, diam je...termenung, hah lagi aku susah hati, biarlah mereka main, macam kata suami aku asal tak sakit, jatuh, dan mudarat sudah, kalau di halang halang kan, "terbantut" pulak...(tu kata suami aku ye, kalau nak banding, mulut aku ni lagi power bab marah marah anak ni, heheh)

tapi yelah kadang2 kena juga fikir orang sekeliling, tak semua orang suka bunyi suara budak2 bergelak ketawa, apatah lagila kalau menangis...lagi kalau jenis yang high pitch cam anak anakku ini..almaklumla..anak cucu cikgu, dari dalam perut lagi asyik dengar emaknya terpekik pekik mengajar..ehem ehem..

so apakah tips menjaga/ mengawal anak2 yang aktif ??


Friday, March 19, 2010

holiday at melbourne-jalan2 dimelbourne siri ke-3

haii, lama dahh nak update jalan2 melbourne siri ke-3..( siri pertama- tulip festival, siri ke-2 - birthday mama)......tapi tak tau bila nak buat..so decide hari ni kena buat juga, seringkas, padat yg boleh...we'll see how it goes...

Baru baru ni bulan februari, adik adik aku datang melawat.mereka adalah jal (adik nombor 4), julie (wife jal ) dan noor, adik bongsu..
dapatlah berjalan jalan bersama diorang ke ballarat, weribee, philip island, heansville..etc..
ni masa sampai kat souvereign hill., di dlm gambar adalah en yusdi, anak2 ku, cunoor dan julie..

Jal dan noor...helehh..ngada2 nya laa adik bongshuu tuu..
so baanyak agenda untuk 10 hari mereka di sini..siapa yg buatkan agenda..sudah tentu mereka..kami cuma mengikut saja..
siap dgn jadual perjalanan, ke mana arah tuju, etc...
antara tempat kami pergi:-

hari 1: Ballarat - Pekan koboi + lombong emas lama
- dapat lihat rumah, bangunan, kereta kuda, penduduk di pekan koboi pada zaman lombong emas masih beroperasi..
-lihat demo cara2 mereka melombong, cara mereka buat jongkong emas, cara mereka buat lilin, cara mereka buat kereta kuda, cara askar2 mereka menjaga keselamatan

siap ada budak budak berlakon seolah olah mereka yang tinggal kat situ cantik dgn pakaian lama di zaman koboi dulukala...

fiya & fina di dalam kedai membuat lilin, sangat cantik...lilin colourful dan baanyakk

persembahan askar dulukala..geng yg lawan yankee dulu dulu kot ni..

hari 2: ke Heansville dan Philip Island

- heansville tempat zoo, wildlife australia..yg bestnya part feeding the kangaroo, kangaroos were being very friendly..

ni masa tengok Kaola kat pokok, tak nak bangun tidur, so bergambar dgn patung je laa..
kangaroos were so friendly, the keeper gave us carrots and corns to feed them..INTERESSTINGG...

lepas berada di sini dalam 3 jam lebih, cepat cepat berangkat ke Philip Island..tengok penguin naik ke pantai..

biasanya penguin naik time sun set, sayangnya tak boleh ambik gambar sebab takut penguin terkejut...
(gambar dari google.com)

tapi memang antara pengalaman yg best..penguin kecik kecik jee..comelll......

balik sampai rumah pukul 11 mlm..letihhhh..esoknya jalan lagi..

hari 3: weribee.

- ada zoo safari, wildlife

ni adalah giraffe + zebra dan cheetah pink sesat bergambar dgn lion simbaaaa..
gambar paling atas tu paling best, konon ingat kalau nak tengok singa mesti ada nuun jauh kat tengah padang sana..rupa2nya haa betul2 depan batang hidung, lion betina ni tidur kat atas trak lama yg di letak kat sarang dia, dan cuma di hadang dengan cermin tebal dengan org ramai..soo best dpt duduk dekat dgn dia..oww, eksyen gituu..

gambar kedua di dalam bas yg akan bawak tour ke dalam hutan safari sama macam kat afrika tu..teringat cerita kartun madagascar laa..boleh tengok wildlife secara 'life'..giraffe, zebra, unta, rusa, badak, etc...lama juga travel ni dalam 1jam 15 min...nice experience..

- then kami pergi ke old castle zaman bangsawan dulu2 tinggal di area berdekatan dgn zoo....
dressing room khas utk lady lady mereka bersiap..yg frustnya, ikut member yg dah datang sini, boleh try pakai baju2 ni dan bergambar..sayangnya masa kami sampai tak ada maid yg jaga, so tak merasa laa..dah la free pulak tu..hguhu

suka gambar ni, cermin di dalam cermin di dalam cermin di dalam cermin...bla bla bla...
- then ada rose park ( i looiikkee...!!!)..

bila masuk je kawasan ros park ni, masyaAllah, harum nya bau bunga2 ros yg banyak ni semasa angin bertiup

satu pokok ros yg di gubah tumbuh jadi cantik cam ni..suka sangat, bau nya pun paling harum antara semua...

wow noor tak lepas bergambar dgn rose kaler favouritenya..pink

hemm..bab bunga nihh, memang lemah sket laa..suuukaaaa sangat..ye la minah bunga pun minah bunga la..banyak lagi sebenarnya gambar bunga ni..cuma tak larat nak download semua kat sini..tapi memang kawasan besar, dengan bunga ross penuuhh, berbagai kaler, berbagai jenis, besar besar...huuh cantik betul..

there..see...boleh pun update jalan2 di melbourne siri ke-3

thats all...till next time..hopefully not too long..cheers!

long time no entryy

lama tak masuk cerita kat sini..sebab:-

- malas..sebab paling utama

- sibuk ..tak juga

- tak ada benda nak cerita...banyak sebenarnya..tapi yaahh, back to number 1, malas

- bosan dengan layout tu, so tukar layout lagi...emm yang ni okay juga

-ingat lepas ni nak update hal study je, ..tapi fikir2 balik, tak best lahh..

Walaupun begitu, InsyaAllah lepas ni try je la tulis secara tetap..yela, kata nak buat kenangan di masa depan, kan..kan...kan...